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Money raised 2016 so far: £41,260.00

Registered Schools 2017: 42

Supporters 2017: 13,363

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Be part of Red, White & Blue Day on 6th October 2017

Red, White & Blue Day is being run jointly by ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, The RAF Benevolent Fund and The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. Each of these three charities is responsible for the welfare of soldiers, sailors and airmen and their families.

Once again we are taking the Red, White & Blue Day to every school in the UK, as well as military schools based overseas. Pupils can simply donate £1 and dress up in Red, White and Blue, or hold cake sales, sponsored events, or they might have weird or wonderful fundraising ideas of their own!

The money will be split between the three long-established charities which all have close ties with our Armed Forces.

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Red, White & Blue Day – Friday 6th October 2017

Every October, thousands of school children across the UK get dressed up in red, white and blue in support of the men and women of the Armed Forces. Red, White and Blue Day is a national fundraising campaign that raises money in support of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, and The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

For 2017 the day will be celebrating women in the forces, commemorating the 100th birthday of the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) and exploring all the roles women have taken up when serving their country.

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- Four Avro Lancasters, part of No. 44 Squadron, laid mines in Heligoland Bight, in the first operational sortie by the RAF's most successful wartime bomber.

- 617 Squadron, known as the Dambusters, was formed at RAF Scampton under the command of Wing Commander Guy Gibson. Originally formed to breach Germany's dams, the squadron was retained as a specialist attack force until it was disbanded on April 1, 2014.

- RAF prisoners in Stalag Luft III POW camp in Poland staged a mass breakout using tunnels painstakingly dug by the prisoners. Their story was later told in the film The Great Escape.

The Soldiers' Charity
- The Allies drop 1,250 tonnes of bombs on Cassino, Italy

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- Destroyer-class HMS Foyle sunk by mine in Straits of Dover.

The Soldiers' Charity
- Marshal Foch is appointed Allied Commander on Western Front

The Soldiers' Charity
- UK's commitment in Iraq peaks at 46,000 troops on the ground

The Soldiers' Charity
- Private Johnson Beharry is awarded the Victoria Cross for his heroics in saving the lives of his comrades on two separate incidents in Iraq in 2004

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- The US Navy lobs some 30,000 explosive shells on the Okinawa coastline by this time, ending a week of bombardment.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- Direct public school entry to RN College Dartmouth announced.

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»  Women and the Royal Navy: Pioneers to Professionals - Exhibition opening February 2017

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