Frequently Asked Questions

Your school can join in by asking the children to dress up in red, white and blue and bring in £1. Please go to the Register page and sign up. It is important that you do this, even if you have taken part in previous campaigns, as we regularly contact all registered schools to update them on events and send them our specially prepared videos, lesson plans and other publicity material.


Yes, we are remembering the anniversary of the end of World War One when troops finally came home and peace was restored. Although, of course, having spent four years fighting and the damaged done to our towns and cities  it was a hard and difficult time. Our theme though will be one of celebration, and encouraging schools to have a street party whilst thinking about what it must have been like for those children who had lost so much.

Yes, any day in October or November 2018.

This is, of course, up to you but what we would say is this is really focused on the children, and you can use it as a chance to explain about the different lives and experiences children have.

We have produced several new items this year in addition to our Welcome Pack and A5 promotional leaflet we have 10 Activity Packages, a document on Pebble Painting, something that is taking the UK by storm, as well as 3 PowerPoint Presentations. Once you register all these are available via the Download Section.

Once again we are working in partnership with Easycoin to ask schools to get their pupils to bring in any foreign currency their parents might have at home in drawers. We have produced a poster, which is part of the Welcome Pack, which you can use to advertise this initiative.

Click here to get a separate copy of this poster.

You might also want to consider speaking to any local companies that you work with to see if they would like to get involved with your day. Perhaps they might like to match-fund whatever funds your pupils raise, or give a donation to add to your collection. Companies have corporate responsibility objectives and this might be part of their own plans to help the community.

Please click here for a copy of our logo, to be used only for this campaign. (Right click on the image and select 'Save picture as' to save the picture to your pc.

We have been asked to include colleges and universities in the campaign and as a result an email will be sent out shortly, but in the meantime if you would like your college or university to take part please go to the Register section.

No, in fact we have a number of Clubs who wanted to take part and support our campaign. We know too that a number of organisations with Vets have also expressed an interested, please register as a club.

For 2018 we decided not to run a dedicated competition but to ask students to send us their painted pebbles. We will give a prize for the photograph showing the best painted pebble.

All the information can be found by clicking the Donation link on the Home Page. It would be helpful if you can also send a brief email to letting us have the name of your school and the amount paid in to ensure that we know it has come from you. This will help us to keep the total raised up to date and allow us the opportunity to send you our Thank You Certificate.

Yes, please use the following information:
Branch Identifier Code (BIC) BARCGB22
International Bank Account Number (IBan) GB30BAR20000083638369

Yes, you can find our Gift Aid Form by following the link on the Downloads Section at the top of the page.

If you would send me an email,, I will arrange for a fundraising pack to be sent to you. Please let me have your full mailing address.