What we do with the money

  • Supporting Family Activity Breaks (FAB) who provide adventurous but therapeutic holidays for bereaved Service families with children up to 19 years.
  • Helping a severely disabled little girl attend a special needs nursery allowing the family some respite and time to spend with their other child.
  • Supporting a scheme for soldiers on operations to record bedtime stories for their children.
  • Providing funds to purchase a specialist bed for a young child who needs access to medical equipment.
  • Trained youth workers to run after school clubs and activities on RAF stations.
  • Provided financial support to an RAF family whose son was suffering from a rare muscle wasting disease helping them to buy a bungalow, updating their garden and giving a grant towards the purchase of a new electric wheelchair.
  • Paying for childcare facilities and building new games areas and play parks on 28 RAF stations.
  • Help fund family days on board Naval ships and establishments.
  • Provide funding for King's Camp to enable the children of the Naval family to have some summer fun.
  • Provide new furniture to improve facilities within family areas on various Naval establishments.

If you would like to know more about the work of each of the three charities involved please go to the Contact page and click on the relevant charity's link.

Thank you for your support.

What it's like to be a service child

On top of that, picture what it would be like to have your mum or dad go away for six months, or even a year. They'd miss your parties, school plays, life-changing moments like learning to ride a bike or passing your exams.

Older children, who are more aware of world events, also have to deal with the all-too-real possibility that their mum or dad might never come home. They often feel responsible for the parent who is left behind, and have to help more at home.

Sounds tough doesn't it? Service children go through all this, yet most are happy, strong and adaptable.

But they need, and deserve, extra help. The Government recognises this by giving each service child an extra grant through their school.

Now we are highlighting their needs too - supporting this great bunch of kids with our grants and projects.