Host a ‘street party’ at your school to mark the end of World War One
3 charities, 3 colours, 1 cause... £1

Hosting your very own ‘street party’ at your school is an excellent way for students to soak up historical facts and figures of the First World War in celebration of Red, White & Blue Day. To help your day run smoothly, we will provide each registered school with a welcome pack, a variety of fun and educational lesson plans, competitions, stickers and to top it off, a ‘build your own’ paper aeroplane, tank or battleship activity.

The official Red, White & Blue Day is on Friday 5th October, but feel free to use any day which suits your school’s calendar. We’re encouraging school children to come dressed in the patriotic colours and donate just £1 to our 2018 fundraising campaign.

The Last Post - Magdalen College School Chapel, Brackley (November 2017)

Red, White & Blue Day is an annual fundraising campaign that raises money for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

Money raised will be split between the three long-established charities that all have close ties with our Armed Forces.

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Painting pebbles challenge....

Send us your best design. The winner, chosen by our panel of judges, will receive a £50 gift token.

The competition is open to schoolchildren only. Please include the artists name, school name and contact details with your entry.

Closing date has been extended to Friday 30th November 2018.

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Colour in and build your own paper aeroplane, tank, and ship activity....

Congratulations to Velmead Junior School. Their pupils have been reading extracts from ‘Only Remembered’ and learning more about what Remembrance Day means.

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- Operation Cheshire: Hercules of No 47 Squadron completed 600 sorties to deliver 19 million Ib of humanitarian aid to Bosnia-Herzegovina. By the end of the operation in January 1996 the RFA had delivered 26,577 tons of supplies in 1,977 sorties

- Operation Dynamo: the evacuation of Dunkirk was completed with 338,226 Allied troops brought back to the UK. In the fierce air-to-air fighting during the evacuation, the RAF lost 177 aircraft over Dunkirk, including 106 fighters: the Luftwaffe lost 132 aircraft of all types

The Soldiers' Charity
- D-day – Allied Forces land in Normandy

- Operation Overlord - Thousands of Allied troops landing on the beaches of Normandy in northern France at the start of a major offensive against the Germans. Thousands of paratroops and glider-borne troops have also been dropped behind enemy lines and the Allies are already said to have penetrated several miles inland.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- Silver Jubilee Review of the Fleet at Spithead, Gosport, by The Queen and Lord High Admiral. It was the first Spithead fleet review to include nuclear-powered vessels but the first without battleships present. Warships: 1,212
Landing Ships and Craft: 4,026
Ancillaries: 731
Merchant Vessels: 864
Total: 6,833

- Italy declared war on Great Britain and France

The Soldiers' Charity
- The Treaty of Versailles is signed by the Germans

- The Bomber Command Memorial, in Green Park, London, was unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen. The RAF Benevolent Fund is the custodian for the memorial, built to remember the 55,573 members of Bomber Command who lost their lives during the Second World War.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- Silver Jubilee Review of the Fleet at Spithead, Gosport, by The Queen and Lord High Admiral. It was the first Spithead fleet review to include nuclear-powered vessels but the first without battleships present.

The Soldiers' Charity
- British troops take key objectives of Mount Longdon, Two Sisters and Mount Harriet

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- Admiral Sir Percy Scott caused uproar with a famous letter to The Times in which he declared the battleship redundant.

He said: "Submarines and aeroplanes have entirely revolutionised naval warfare; no fleet can hide itself from the aeroplane eye, and the submarine can deliver a deadly attack even in broad daylight… As the motor vehicle has driven the horse from the road, so has the submarine drive the battleship from the sea."

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- King George VI visited Malta in cruiser Aurora, travelling as 'Mr Lyon'.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- Battle of Jutland takes place, representing the largest naval battle and only full-scale clash of battleships in World War One. 250 ships and more than 8,000 lives on both German and British sides were lost.

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Quote from a teacher in Hampshire: “Apart from supporting an excellent cause, with the resources and lesson plans provided by the campaign, it is easy to incorporate Red, White & Blue Day into your school week. Children can make a difference whilst enjoying creative activities that make learning fun”.

It’s not too late to sign up and host your own school ‘street’ party.

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