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Money raised 2017 so far: £7,177.00

Registered Schools 2017: 181

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Be part of Red, White & Blue Day on 6th October 2017

Every October, thousands of school children across the UK get dressed up in red, white and blue in support of the men and women of the Armed Forces.

Red, White & Blue Day is a national fundraising campaign that raises money in support of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, and The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

Pupils can simply donate £1 and dress up in Red, White and Blue, or hold cake sales, sponsored events, or they might have weird or wonderful fundraising ideas of their own!

For 2017 the day will be celebrating women in the forces, commemorating the 100th birthday of the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) and exploring all the roles women have taken up when serving their country.

The money will be split between the three long-established charities which all have close ties with our Armed Forces.

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Enter the Red, White & Blue Day Shoebox Competition

This year's Red, White & Blue Day is to be held on Friday 6th October 2017
Download this pack and you will find information and templates for our competition.

We are encouraging pupils to consider what life must be like when away from home and what their mother or big sister might miss serving our country in far-off, hostile places. Think about including a personal note or other special reminders of home, photographs, drawings, a recent art project or perhaps a scrapbook filled with mementos.

Create a box to send to your mother or sister. Make sure the items you have chosen would fit in the ‘shoe box’ and not be heavier than the restricted 2kg guideline. Include the items in a list with illustrations and say why you have chosen them.

» Click here to download the under-9-year-olds competition
» Click here to download above-10-year-olds copetition

Shoebox Competition

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- In an effort to break the resolve of the British people, Hitler orders the bombing of London over the bombing of strategic RAF airfields and installations.

1942 -The crew of a No. 70 Squadron Wellington crash-landed in the North African desert after the aircraft had been damaged by flak over Tobruk. Over the next 28 days five of them trekked 400 miles through enemy lines and were eventually picked up by a patrol on a Long Range Desert Group. The sixth man was captured and became a POW.

- The Luftwaffe mounted its biggest daylight attack on London with 1,020 sorties flown over England. Fighter Command flew 705 sorties and in the course of these operations the Luftwaffe lost 56 aircraft. This day has since been recognised at 'Battle of Britain Day'.

The Soldiers' Charity
- Battle of Loos – British Forces use poison gas for the first time

The Soldiers' Charity
- Battle of Loos – British Forces use poison gas for the first time

The Soldiers' Charity
- Last 550 British troops stationed at Basra Palace withdraw to main coalition base at Basra airport

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- Japan surrenders. Victory in Japan (VJ) Day is celebrated.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- RM Bands integrated on formation of RM School of Music

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- HMS Vanguard, the first of the Royal Navy's Trident submarines, accepted at sea from Vickers Shipbuilding.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines
- Ten members of the Royal Marines staff band and a civilian killed by terrorist bomb at RM School of Music at Deal.

» Click here to download the WRNS 100 celebration event listing

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