Reading Force

How to take three easy steps!

1. Get your free special scrapbook from your local school, HIVE or join today and we'll send you one.

2. Choose a book all your family will enjoy reading - Reading Force's recommended reads list could help you choose.

3. All read the book, together or individually and talk about it - face-to-face, over the phone or Skype.

Whilst you are reading the book, fill your Reading Force scrapbook with your family's thoughts and opinions about the book. Include anything you want - eblueys, letters, photographs, drawings, reviews and notes.

Enter your finished scrapbook into the Reading Force Scrapbook Competition and you could win a great prize! Every family receives a certificate and wins a book for taking part. Competitions are held twice a year – 30th April and 31st October.

Claim your free book to get you started with Reading Force by filling in the postcard inside your scrapbook or requesting one on our website.

Check out our website for Reading Force competition prizes and details, for more information about Reading Force, see what other families have done in their scrapbooks, read our blog, request your free scrapbook, and much more!

My Daddy's Going Away

My Daddy's Going Away is a children's colour picture book. It is not only a fun read, but great for use in all families where Dad has to leave home from time to time. It explains paternal absence through a poem about an alien dad who flies off to work and adventures, loves his children, communicates with them while away, and then flies home.

Ages: 3-9
Author: Christopher MacGregor
Foreword: HRH The Prince of Wales